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We are pleased to be a supplier of GT Quartz Coatings, an innovative and global leading Nano Ceramic Coatings line of products. Nano Ceramic Coatings differ significantly from traditional waxes and paint sealants, providing long lasting and enhanced high gloss and protection to your vehicle paint finish. Ceramic Coatings offer durability, resistance to environmental contaminants such as sunlight UV rays, ocean spray, rain, road grime, tree sap, bird droppings and repeated washings that can include exposure to harsh chemicals. Check in with our experienced and trained TRAC Body & Paint team to obtain a quote and schedule the right Ceramic Coating for your vehicle!


Living on an island means the underside and exterior of your vehicle is being exposed to the constant coastal ocean spray and the high salt content of humid ocean air. This environmental factor dramatically increases the risk and likelihood of corrosion to various internal and external parts of your vehicles that start to rust over time. The undercarriage of your vehicle is particularly vulnerable. We recommend you consider getting your undercarriage treated with our undercoating product; Corrolan. From RUSTBUSTER Ltd. Corrolan is a natural lanolin based product with no petroleum-based ingredients making it environmentally safe as a renewable alternative. We offer and support the full range of Corrolan formulas: Corrolan Pure, Corrolan Active, Corrolan Penetrator and Corrolan Turbo.

For more information please see: RUSTBUSTER It is quick, easy, economic and will provide longevity, safety and save potential significant costs in the long run for your vehicle. Please contact us for more information and a price quote.

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