• TRAC CHANG CS55 0003 cs55 plus elite FR
  • TRAC CHANG CS55 0002 cs55 plus elite Front
  • TRAC CHANG CS55 0006 cs55 plus elite d
  • TRAC CHANG CS55 0004 cs55 plus elite dr
  • TRAC CHANG CS55 0000 cs55 plus elite rear




Discover its contemporary, daring and innovative design. Its modern lines and a striking front appearance will not go unnoticed, which, added to the bi-tone 18-rim wheels, will make this SUV look and feel agile. Both lights composed of 26 LED chips and its two-color bumper complement its Italian origin in safety and design, carefully following the chrome details.


The CS55 has a turbo engine with Bluecore technology, powered by 154 HP. This achieves a road performance of 15.6 km/l in its mechanical version. Bluecore is Changan’s own technology, which achieves better fuel efficiency due to its multi-point electronic injection system. This injects the benzine in a precise quantity for each cylinder, being monitored by the vehicle's computer. Thus, the CS55 achieves greater power, efficiency and lower engine noise, enhancing the overall driving experience. Another point that stands out about this model is that it has a 6-speed box, achieving even greater efficiency.


The Changan CS55 Level 3 has state-of the-art technology in comfort and safety, making everything easier and safer. Parking will no longer be a problem thanks to its camera and backup sensors. In addition, in its Comfort version it has various systems: hill start control (HHC), descent control (HDC), stability control (ESP) and traction control (TCS). For its Luxury versions, a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and two side airbags are added.

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