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Tires & Alignment

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Four reasons to help you hit the road with confidence.

Trac operates with an available inventory of correctly sized and manufacturer recommended tires for the brands and models that we sell. In addition we carry a broad range of common tire sizes and can quickly and readily access tires locally. We repair and fit new tires as needed.

We can also perform wheel alignment and balancing...

There are many ways to impair wheel alignment from factory applied settings due to causes such as:

  • Pot holes
  • Bumpy, broken and damaged roads
  • Non-smooth dirt roads
  • Hitting curbs with tires
  • Car accidents

There are often early warning signs that your wheel alignment and balancing needs attention, such as:

  • The vehicle pulls to the left or right when braking, requiring you to correct the steering before coming to a stop.
  • You notice you have to hold the steering off center to get the vehicle to drive straight, or the vehicle drifts left or right when the steering wheel is centered.
  • If the steering wheel vibrates when the vehicle is moving, or you notice unusual vibrations in the steering wheel or column.
  • More commonly, when the tires are not wearing evenly, not accounted for by incorrect air pressure in the tires.

Our Service Center has the wheel alignment and balancing machines for our technicians to correct wheel alignment and balancing issues.

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