• TRAC CHANG F70 0004 Hunter drivers side front
  • TRAC CHANG F70 0001 Hunter passenger side
  • TRAC CHANG F70 0003 Hunter drivers side rear
  • TRAC CHANG F70 0000 Hunter rear



The Changan F70 Pick Up truck, when you really need a job done properly. With diesel and petrol engine variants and the options to have 2 or 4 wheel drive your next pick-up truck has never been more affordable. With a pedigree that has proven history, and an ability to be your everyday vehicle now is the time to step up to the new Pick Up you have been promising yourself.


The perfect mix of power, strength and spaciousness with a design that will inspire you to pursue your dreams. The New Hunter F70 is Changan’s first Pick-up and is impressive, with its towing capacity of up to 3,500 Kg, you can transport everything you need to meet your objectives. The sills, the integrated roof rail bars, and its 17 “two-tone alloy wheels, are just part of the complete exterior equipment of it. Enjoy a modern skin that blends perfectly with the chassis of the truck, delivering a sense of harmony and strength that you will also feel when you take the wheel.


The comfort, design and accessories you know from Changan now applied fo a new format. We present you the New Hunter in which everything is perfectly positioned, from the instruments and buttons at your fingertips to the most specific details, which will make your truck the best companion for your adventures and work. Now is when you can continue chasing your dreams on top of this Pick-up that incorporates a design thought of you and your companions.


The New Hunter is a spectacular vehicle made to the highest standards of quality and precision. It's 2.4L Turbo gasoline engine, with 210 Hp and 320 Nm of torque capacity, make this truck powerful and capable of taking you to the destination of your choice. Also available with a 1.9L Turbo diesel engine that generates 150 Hp and 350 Nm.

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