• TRAC CHANG UNI K 0002 Uni K pass side front
  • TRAC CHANG UNI K 0004 Uni K front drivers side
  • TRAC CHANG UNI K 0005 Uni K drivers side
  • TRAC CHANG UNI K 0001 Uni K pass side
  • TRAC CHANG UNI K 0000 Uni K rear drivers side



It has a 2,000 cc Turbo Intercooler engine with Bluecore technology which allows the engine to be quieter, less polluting and more efficient. This engine delivers a power of 233 HP and 390 Nm. Available in seven-speed automatic transmission plus reverse.


Elegant design outstanding figure, unpretentious shows boldness and glamor.

Not condescending, but stands out out of the ordinary. The sports coupe design gives it an irresistible charm. The star diamond lighthouse emits dazzling light. Bypass cockpit to create an interstellar driving experience. The nebulous wheel hub shows all the dynamics and tension


The UNIK comes equipped with an automotive leather-wrapped steering wheel, audio and call controls on the steering wheel, and up to 8 «multimedia equipment. In addition, it has an electric parking brake, backup camera and side mirrors with electric defroster.


The UNIK incorporates up to 04 airbags, ABS and EBD brake assistance. All versions have an anchoring system for a baby seat in the rear seats, which allows us to transport our children more safely and comfortably. Anti- theft immobilizer system and driving aids such as stability control (ESP), traction control (TCS), hill start assist (HHC), electronic controlled deceleration (ECD), among others.

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